The only digital identity you will need

New age digital identity that is completely self sovereign and portable to different blockchains. Allows ease in discovery, transactions and networking. Manage and store 500+ digital assets with a masterkey protected by your onchain identity.

Master key to the cryptoverse is now here

Our solutions are built keeping you in mind.


Easily portable across
multiple blockchains.

One Click Access

Transact or integrate across
blockchains in no time.

Private & Secure

With our non custodial wallet there is no third party in control of your assets.

Developer Friendly

A robust ecosystem to Buidl upon.

Multicoin Vault

Store various wallets on the same platform while seamlessly managing different protocols.

Liquid Democracy

The community has the power to make changes, influence decisions and decide the future.

Know more about how you can join the open source decentralised wallet and infra project.

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